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Sunday, December 9, 2012

I find your lack of activity disturbing... what I hear people say. And yes it's true, I haven't done anything Machinima related in over two years. I really should change that but what the hell. Most of my lack of activity has been due to lack of motivation. Sometimes a full-time job that you do not enjoy does that to you. But that's okay! I'm out of that job now and I've moved to a quaint little place called Dunedin. Unfortunately the PC which has all my stuff for Machinima production is still in a box back up in Wellington and I am currently in a temporary residence that has been provided by some kind people until I find a place. Once I do find a place I can organize my stuff to get sent down. So right now I have only got this laptop, which doesn't exactly have the capacity to do games newer than Portal 2, and I will wager a bet that it won't handle FRAPS very well so my options are limited for the time being. Don't get me wrong! It's a great laptop and it CAN run Portal 2 in full graphics without too much sacrifice to a reasonable frame rate. I think once I get myself fully settled I will start looking into this Source Film Maker thing that has recently become available and perhaps continue to produce some Machinima. I would love to get to work on more episodes on Dave, The Crazy Scientist if this Source Film Maker is all it's cracked up to be.

Also another reason I have been inactive in the Machinima front is because I have been putting my attention into learning FL Studio and I daresay it has proven to be something I am incredibly fond of. I've been producing House and Dubstep tunes since about July or so.

"But Simon," I hear you say. "You hate Dubstep! You and Jared even made a video to express your hatred toward it!" Well yes... Yes I DID hate Dubstep, but in all fairness I have to say I didn't exactly get the best first impression of it, and we know how important first impressions are. That video was also made over a year ago, and a lot can happen in that time frame. After listening to a few songs that people had recommended to me I actually discovered that there is good Dubstep out there but it is sadly one of those genres that is easy for people with no musical talent to abuse. But yeah I'm not going to ramble about that. I'll just leave it with at one point I didn't like Dubstep, but then I found some Dubstep that is actually good.

After dabbling with it myself and seeing what actually goes in to making electronic music in general, I can really appreciate the amount of effort that goes into it. It's not just a bunch of clicking a few buttons and BOOM, you have a song. It's a lot more than that, and a lot of fun.

Alright that's enough rambling from me. Here's a link to my Soundcloud if you are interested: CLICKY CLICKY

tl;dr: I have been inactive because busy, moving cities and other stuff I am interested in. Will resume eventually.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chur 2.0

Some of you might remember the old Chur Village I made when I was relatively new to Minecraft. It looked cool, but it was very primative. But since Minecraft's latest update, I decided that Chur also needed an update. What ended up happening is that I remade the village from scratch, including Castle Psymon. Here are some of the screen shots. The village is still a work in progress. As always, click the images for full size. The texture pack I am using is Glimmars Steampunk Texture Pack.

Castle Psymon from above.

The front entrance to Castle Psymon.

The main lobby of Castle Psymon.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

The library. I didn't realize the book textures would end up being vaults. Oh well, I built this castle with the default texture pack.

The master bedroom.

A view from the roof of Castle Psymon.

The Castleside Tavern.

Castleside Tavern again.

Chur Skyport. Haven't yet finished the interior for it, I just wanted an excuse to build an airship.

An airship docked at the skyport.

Airship from the front, another in the distance.

Airship from behind.

Airship's passenger cabin.

Airship's bridge.

A street view of Chur.

Another street view.

The Aqueduct.

The Ate Bit Restraunt.

Aerial shot of the village.

Chur Park.

A shot of the harbour.

The port of Chur, with the customs house.

Another shot of Chur Harbour.

Chur Lighthouse.

Night shot of Chur Harbour.

Another airship looking over the village.

A sunset shot taken from the Skyport.

I may release the world file when I feel it's a bit more done.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Now THIS is good customer service!

I ordered Robot Chicken Season 5 from Mightyape.
Not only did it turn up the next day, but they also responded to my other request.

Churrr guys!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Woah! Another blog post!

Inspired by Epic Meal Time's Meatzza, me and my good friend decided that we HAD to make our own. It's not exactly the same as their one, as we are a little more constrained with budgets and space, so we had to change a few things to suit our tastes. I can safely say it was bloody delicious.

First we layed out some beef mince mixed with a bit of egg to keep it intact in an oven pan.

We then baked it for a short time to cook it and added our own meat sauce. We have no idea what goes into the Epic Meal Time meat sauce so we had to improvize (minced beef, onion, tomato, tomato puree). We then covered the base with sauce.

Add frankfurters for the crust. I'd have been keen to use the same sausages that EMT did but honestly, where can you find sausages that big?

Dice some rump steak and cook it lightly (a little bit rare is fine, you'll be baking it later).

Add bacon.

Got enough bacon? We didn't think so either.

Chop up some chorizo sausages and scatter around the pizza.

Add cheese. A pizza is not a pizza without cheese.

Put that shit in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Pull out of the oven and let it stand a little bit and then cut it up and serve. And here's the end result.

So the frankfurters kinda didn't work as the crust. They kinda bent (how the hell do you prevent that??) but the end result was so delicious!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My thoughts on...

Bacon and Lentil Soup: This is cruelty to animals. No pig deserves to be cooked with lentils!

My Personal Hell: Being locked in a padded cell made of Tofu.

Cyclists: My bicycle is too broken and it has a desire to murder me.

Dubstep: No change, still wubspam. Although, it did garner me some attention from some rather dashing ladies when I was dancing to it drunk. -.^

Top hats: He who buys me a top hat, will forever be awesome.

Skyrim: You wonder why I have been rather quiet lately?

Books: What? Where can I download those???

TV: You mean YouTube right?

Blu-ray: Shiny, pretty, high-definitiony! But meh, seriously, DVD is all good, I can't find the justification to make the transition yet, not at the cost.

Parker's Mind: What? What is this? Kidding! I haven't forgotten! I promise!

The Economy: There's always too much month at the end of my money.

Fan girls: What? Do I LOOK like Bakura to you? I don't HAVE fan girls!!! (Do I?)

Harry Potter: 'e's a wee bit of a tossa inn'e?

The new YouTube Layout: Meh, new home page is alright, not sure I like the new channels though.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chateau Du Psymon

Ever since the latest Minecraft 1.8 update I've been very busy in creative mode, and I've built myself a mansion that is bigger than all of Chur Villiage combined. Screenshots below. Click for full size images.

The front, just as you enter the gate.

An aerial shot of the mansion.

Another shot of the front. I do wish Minecraft allowed me to construct big doors that worked.

The main foyer as you enter the front door.

And here we have a library.

And what kind of a mansion would be complete without an indoor pool?

And of course a pool must come with a sauna.

And of course food ain't gonna cook itself. So here we have the kitchen.

And somewhere to eat the food.

And of course one needs somewhere to store their fine wine.

And when one gets tired of a hard day of being rich, one can retreat to the master bedroom.

The land needs work, but here so far we have...

...a dock...

...and a mausoleum.

May they rest in peace.

And of course, the living room, with a nice big TV to watch all the good stuff on.

This is still a WIP. The main building and decorating is pretty much done, but I feel there's still a lot of work to be done in the yard.