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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Douchetard, and an update on progress.

It took six months, but finally someone got butthurt over me being non-religious, this being sparked from the little Jesus bit in episode 3. I am surprised it took this long... Here's the excerpt:

Him: I read your comment and your an athiest.

I lost most of my respect for you.

I no longer wish to be friends with you

Me: Off you go then. I have no desire to deal with people like you who can't accept people for who they are and what they believe... Off with you now, I have no respect for people like you, and never will.

Him: One last question?

Are we being rudely respectful because I can't tell.

Kind of confusnig in both our comments.

Me: Well I'm actually just going to be blunt now... If you can't handle me being an Atheist... Bugger off.

And that was the last I heard from him. What a douche.

SO ANYWAY. I also have updates.
I have footage for episode 11, and a few lines done. Miraculous that I have started so soon after the release of episode 10, but I feel the need. So it'll be done... When it's done. I'm not going to make any promises yet.

So how are you people?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Parker's Mind: Episode 10 - Bot Surprise

New epsiode up and ready to be viewed! Episode number 10! So I estimate I'm about 1/2 way, maybe 2/3rds through the game. I think I have another 8-10 episodes to go. I will try and speed up the production... I still wanna be faster than Krimsin and Ross haha.
Thanks again to Krimsin, for the lines of Gryphon
And thanks to Vicente, for the lines of the psychotic engineer talking through the robot.

Episode 10

EDIT: In the credits of the Episode I spelled "Vicente" as "Vicante." My apologies. I swear I am dyslexic

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Parker's Mind: Prologue

I decided that I would make a Prologue episode for Parker's Mind, mostly to see if my voice is ready for recording... Good news! It is, so hopefully episode 10 will be done within a few days.
I hope you all enjoy!

Parker's Mind: Prologue


I have been interviewed, by a guy named Caboos15, who goes under the guise of goblinsrevenge on Youtube. So we smoked a cigar, drank scotch whiskey and had a good old chat... I lied about the cigar and whiskey btw. So go watch!

Part 1
Part 2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update on the Broken Vocals

Ok, I can speak clearly again. Still not quite recording quality but almost. Gimme a couple of days. So hopefully that means work on Episode 10 will start shortly!
That is all for now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Interviews... Watch them

I just watched a couple of interviews from this dude, Caboos15 who on YouTube goes under the guise of goblinsrevenge. Interviews from Cyh and Krimsin, very entertaining. I'm due for my interview with this guy as soon as my vocals clear up so keep tuned.
Also, moar questions for Q&A! Ask anything... Personal questions are welcome too. Do it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Before the Death Threats Start II.V

Ok so I thought I was getting better today. My head was clear, a bit sleepy abiet, but better. So I thought I'd start episode 10 when I got home from work, but NO! No fuck that, my voice has decided it'd completely give up tonight, so I sound like crap, and almost can't speak. GRRRRR!!!
Fuck you, vocal chords!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Before the Death Threats Start II

Sweet! Plagarism! Don't we just love it?
No no no, I have not forgotten about Parker's Mind. Never, I shall never forget!
So I stole the title of this post from Miss. Cyh of Chell's mind, because it's becoming that time where I'm probably going to be spammed with "When's the new episode???"
Also, on top of that, I caught the illness that Krimsin, Cyh, Ian, and Ross all shared, after bragging about how I missed out... I guess this is what we call Karma!
On other news, I'm also planning a new Psymonic Disasterpiece, not sure when that'll come as I need to come up with ideas first. But it will happen, as there seems to be a bit of demand for it.
Also, The mind crew are planning a joint Q&A thing, which we are taking questions for. So if you have anything you wish to ask me, please, leave a comment. I'll answer almost anything.
I think that is all for now, I'll start work on Parker's Mind episode 10 once my cold clears, as my voice sounds like two pieces of sand paper rubbing against each other.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Parkers Mind: Episode 9 - Flight of the Gryphon

I know, I know, I took my ruddy time! Hey! I'm still faster than Ross Scott... I think... Anyway, yes the episode is now out! Teh w00tage!
I'm very very happy with how this turned out. As advertised it is a two part episode. I couldn't cram everything into under 10 minutes. Big thanks to Krimsin for doing Gryphon's lines. Also thanks to a guy named Manuel who is doing voices for the giant scary robot for the next episode. I owe both those guys beer. I wonder if it's possible to email beer... ANYWAY, I hope you all enjoy!
Now that the episode is uploaded, I am going to sleep. Bid you all farewell until morning.