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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dave, The Crazy Scientist: Episode 1 - Let the Science Begin!

Finished it! Teh w00tz! This blog entry is a bit late, I know, but I had to shoot out the door after uploading it, to go to a gig (which was amazing by the way).
Here, we meet Dave, a pretty average man, which after being hit by a car, changes his life forever.

I do hope you all enjoy this as much as I did making it!!'

EDIT: Ok, I've decided I might learn Source SDK Face poser and perhaps remake this, OR make episode 2 with it and leave this one as it is. Thoughts?

And here it is:


  1. haha, that was awesome, but why don't you use source sdk faceposer, then put the characters on a map?

  2. Don't have the time to learn Faceposer yet.

  3. Actually... I've decided: Fuck it! I'm going to make time to learn faceposer


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