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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2009 A True Story

I came across this quite awhile ago. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this series. It is incredibly creative and well put together, and very captivating. They have announced a second series of this, so hopefully that will come out soon. I found this series very inspiring.
CLICK HERE to watch it. You will not regret it. Easily one of the best things on Youtube.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scratch that last post...

The PC is working again, it turns out a few cards needed reseating, so everything is AOK again. That is a massive relief.

Parker's Mind Suspended Until Further Notice.

That's right, I dreaded the time that I'd be writing a post like this, but I won't be making any more episodes for awhile. The reason is: My computer is fucked. Possibly a screwed motherboard. Either way, this really REALLY sucks big time. I currently am using a laptop which isn't top of the line. I might see how it runs Red Faction with FRAPS and make episode 18 on this, but that depends. So in the mean time, sorry guys, you're going to be waiting for awhile. Sucks, I know, and I wish this wasn't happening. Hope is not lost though, as I am working on trying to get new hardware. In the mean time, it looks like Chell and Felix will have to keep you entertained.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Garry's Mod Productions Suspended Until Further Notice.

This is because for some annoying reason, Garry's Mod has suddenly stopped working. I have no idea why, I haven't installed any mods lately, or anything at all. When I open it, I just get a black screen, which has to be terminated using Task Manager. This really sucks because I was really amped to make another Psymonic Disasterpiece episode.
However, I am currently working on restoring my Windows XP installation, as I have installed one of my old hard drives which I decommissioned awhile ago, which I can use to install XP on. But until then, there's nothing Garry's Mod related that I can do.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Parker's Mind: Episode 17 - Almost a Cop-Out

Yet another new episode, made with loads of cups of tea, and Red Faction and Garry's Mod. I am ridiculously close to the end now. Probably like two or three more episodes before the finale. I need to hurry up and get writing this finale.
Hope you like it!

EDIT: I just realized that I took a line from Freeman's Mind. This is actually annoying... Should I leave it, and risk epic flamage? Or perhaps promote it as an FM reference? Or change the line and reupload it?


I find it very annoying. That is all.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Accidents happen...

...But when they happen on the way to work, it's not good! So I was riding to work, normal as, came across a sudden red light, hit the brakes, and BAM! Front wheel slid on a big manhole cover and I came right off and slid down the road for about 20 meters. So now I have a sprained thumb that is killing me, and multiple bruises and grazes down my left leg and I'm limping like an old man who lost his walking stick. My bike on the other hand, has only a few scratches, a bent handle bar and the chain came off, which is all easily fixable, thank goodness. I'm just so glad I didn't hit anyone when I came off, as I think the pedestrian crossing had just gone green as I slid off, so it could have been much worse, and I'd be sitting in a police station, rather than my parents' place, and we'd have someone more injured than I, which I'd rather not have.
What surprised me was the kindness of the general public. I think I had about 5-6 people help me when they saw what happened, which was unexpected because I'm used to the idea that people operate on the "Someone else will do it" mind set. They were very kind, called the ambulance just in case, helped me and my bike up, rung my work for me, and gave me a glass of water and a chair until Dad could come and get me.
My bike is still sitting in town. We wheeled it to the nearest motorcycle park, and dad will fix the chain and ride it back home for me when he is done with work, so hopefully I'll be back on the road tomorrow.
I hate manhole covers... They're god damn dangerous if you don't see them! They should be covered with some non-slip material so that things like this don't happen.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Parker's Mind: Episode 16 - They're Not Screwing Around

Episode 16 is ready to go! In this episode, we start to see a side of Parker that was once thought to not be there, a rather caring side, he actually does care about the miners lost in this rebellion, and the side of him slowly losing hope. This episode is a little more serious than the others, as Parker realizes the Mercs are actually trained fighters, and really know what they are doing. I'm very happy with this one, and hope you all will be too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Parker's Mind: Epuisode 15 - Nice Guy, With Attitude

We have a new episode! HOORAH! I'm actually quite pleased with this episode. One of those episodes where a shit load of not much happens, but I somehow make it interesting. Next episode is going to be a good'un too. Can't wait to get it done.

Here it is! TROLOLOLOL

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parker, Stop Being a Pussy!

I decided, instead of doing a Sparta Remix, I'd write a song instead.
Now, stop being a pussy, and enjoy!!

OH, and also, check Musik For The Kitchen out. They are pretty good!
Here's a clip from them: