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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Parker's Mind: Epuisode 15 - Nice Guy, With Attitude

We have a new episode! HOORAH! I'm actually quite pleased with this episode. One of those episodes where a shit load of not much happens, but I somehow make it interesting. Next episode is going to be a good'un too. Can't wait to get it done.

Here it is! TROLOLOLOL


  1. YAY! I knew New Zealanders would make Mars exciting! I just wish mars had more Steve Irwin... that guy rocked. (Yes, I know Steve Irwin is from Australia)

  2. Wait, when you said 386 did you mean Compy 386, or something else?

  3. No, 386 as in the really old CPU.

  4. That's the Precision Rifle for ya. Fires 5.56 explosive ammunition and is semi-auto. Just be careful of the rail driver. It will kill you in one shot.

  5. Yes, I've had several attempts to get footage for the next episode, due to that blasted thing. But I managed to get the footage in the end.


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