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Monday, October 4, 2010

Out of Our Minds

Two videos here! So Jared and I watched two episodes of Freeman's FEAR, which was quite horrible really, and we did a commentary. And the No-Swear guy had a problem with MY swearing... Well watch the first vid and you'll reconsider!
Cyh joins us in the second commentary, and we plan to do the third episode... Oh goodness, we still have to sit through one more!
Here they are!


  1. Amazing stuff! I loved it and hope to see more.

  2. @Jared,Simon,Cyh: You three of some of the bravest people I've met in a while. I had tried watching three seconds of the original video and I had to turn it off because someone was yelling and I couldn't hear anything. I then realized, it was me!

  3. Lol. 1 more!!! Hang in there. Hows he scream like that? Doesnt he run out or something. He falls over from lack of oxygen...awesome.

  4. my ears are bleeding from freemans fear are yours too?

  5. Sorry, what was that??? You'll have to speak up! I can't hear you!


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