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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Woah! Another blog post!

Inspired by Epic Meal Time's Meatzza, me and my good friend decided that we HAD to make our own. It's not exactly the same as their one, as we are a little more constrained with budgets and space, so we had to change a few things to suit our tastes. I can safely say it was bloody delicious.

First we layed out some beef mince mixed with a bit of egg to keep it intact in an oven pan.

We then baked it for a short time to cook it and added our own meat sauce. We have no idea what goes into the Epic Meal Time meat sauce so we had to improvize (minced beef, onion, tomato, tomato puree). We then covered the base with sauce.

Add frankfurters for the crust. I'd have been keen to use the same sausages that EMT did but honestly, where can you find sausages that big?

Dice some rump steak and cook it lightly (a little bit rare is fine, you'll be baking it later).

Add bacon.

Got enough bacon? We didn't think so either.

Chop up some chorizo sausages and scatter around the pizza.

Add cheese. A pizza is not a pizza without cheese.

Put that shit in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Pull out of the oven and let it stand a little bit and then cut it up and serve. And here's the end result.

So the frankfurters kinda didn't work as the crust. They kinda bent (how the hell do you prevent that??) but the end result was so delicious!


  1. Next time, take the sausage skin off.

  2. I think I gained 5 pounds from the pictures alone. :S


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