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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chur 2.0

Some of you might remember the old Chur Village I made when I was relatively new to Minecraft. It looked cool, but it was very primative. But since Minecraft's latest update, I decided that Chur also needed an update. What ended up happening is that I remade the village from scratch, including Castle Psymon. Here are some of the screen shots. The village is still a work in progress. As always, click the images for full size. The texture pack I am using is Glimmars Steampunk Texture Pack.

Castle Psymon from above.

The front entrance to Castle Psymon.

The main lobby of Castle Psymon.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

The library. I didn't realize the book textures would end up being vaults. Oh well, I built this castle with the default texture pack.

The master bedroom.

A view from the roof of Castle Psymon.

The Castleside Tavern.

Castleside Tavern again.

Chur Skyport. Haven't yet finished the interior for it, I just wanted an excuse to build an airship.

An airship docked at the skyport.

Airship from the front, another in the distance.

Airship from behind.

Airship's passenger cabin.

Airship's bridge.

A street view of Chur.

Another street view.

The Aqueduct.

The Ate Bit Restraunt.

Aerial shot of the village.

Chur Park.

A shot of the harbour.

The port of Chur, with the customs house.

Another shot of Chur Harbour.

Chur Lighthouse.

Night shot of Chur Harbour.

Another airship looking over the village.

A sunset shot taken from the Skyport.

I may release the world file when I feel it's a bit more done.