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Sunday, March 20, 2011

MEIN CASTLE!!! The finished product.

After about 6 or so days of work, my castle is now complete. Well... Almost. There's still a thing or two I want to do before I'll call it finished. But for now, indulge in screenshots!
Click images for full size.

The front of the castle. The wooden door was put there only for screenshot purposes.

A little pond.

The almighty throne.

View while sitting on the almighty throne.

View from the south-west tower.

Stairway to the dungeon.

The dungeon.

One of the cells.

The smelting/crafting room.

The master bedroom.


  1. Oh mah God, that's beautiful ;_;

  2. So you finally finished it, red wool and all. It should be added to CooLville

  3. We're gonna be combining the cities soon :3

  4. Is the throne made out of obsidian?

  5. Nice! My old castle was just a dirt wall around the general area of my house, but unfortunately I lost all my old worlds

  6. Nah it's made out of steel blocks and stone slabs and a piece of red wool


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