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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chateau Du Psymon

Ever since the latest Minecraft 1.8 update I've been very busy in creative mode, and I've built myself a mansion that is bigger than all of Chur Villiage combined. Screenshots below. Click for full size images.

The front, just as you enter the gate.

An aerial shot of the mansion.

Another shot of the front. I do wish Minecraft allowed me to construct big doors that worked.

The main foyer as you enter the front door.

And here we have a library.

And what kind of a mansion would be complete without an indoor pool?

And of course a pool must come with a sauna.

And of course food ain't gonna cook itself. So here we have the kitchen.

And somewhere to eat the food.

And of course one needs somewhere to store their fine wine.

And when one gets tired of a hard day of being rich, one can retreat to the master bedroom.

The land needs work, but here so far we have...

...a dock...

...and a mausoleum.

May they rest in peace.

And of course, the living room, with a nice big TV to watch all the good stuff on.

This is still a WIP. The main building and decorating is pretty much done, but I feel there's still a lot of work to be done in the yard.

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  1. You can use redstone to open a double iron door correctly, you just have to invert the signal to one of the doors. It is very easily hidden underground by supplying power to the blocks beneath the doors.


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