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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My thoughts on...

Bacon and Lentil Soup: This is cruelty to animals. No pig deserves to be cooked with lentils!

My Personal Hell: Being locked in a padded cell made of Tofu.

Cyclists: My bicycle is too broken and it has a desire to murder me.

Dubstep: No change, still wubspam. Although, it did garner me some attention from some rather dashing ladies when I was dancing to it drunk. -.^

Top hats: He who buys me a top hat, will forever be awesome.

Skyrim: You wonder why I have been rather quiet lately?

Books: What? Where can I download those???

TV: You mean YouTube right?

Blu-ray: Shiny, pretty, high-definitiony! But meh, seriously, DVD is all good, I can't find the justification to make the transition yet, not at the cost.

Parker's Mind: What? What is this? Kidding! I haven't forgotten! I promise!

The Economy: There's always too much month at the end of my money.

Fan girls: What? Do I LOOK like Bakura to you? I don't HAVE fan girls!!! (Do I?)

Harry Potter: 'e's a wee bit of a tossa inn'e?

The new YouTube Layout: Meh, new home page is alright, not sure I like the new channels though.


  1. I have an extreme hate for cyclists down here. (not motorcyclists, the idiots who bicycle on the fucking highway) I almost always end up running into them, and 3 of them almost caused me to get in a head-on accident. Sometimes, I just want to run their fit asses into the sidewalk.

  2. Cyclists don't really bother me.. I do however would think it's torture to be locked in a padded cell made of tofu.


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