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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The 10 Verbose Commandments

The 10 commandments using the Verbose Meme

1. You shall not hold dear any other form of all knowing, all powerful divine beings other than the divine character in which is yours truely.

2. You shall not build structures of a large manner, which infers that you are a celestial being.

3. You shall not utter speech in which the name of the Divine Being who is a Universal Life Force which is yours, in a manner which it is delusively insignificant.

4. Partake in the act of recalling the day of the week which is number seven, sometimes known as Sunday, by allowing it to remain in a state of blessed divinity.

5. Partake in the act of tangible symbols signifying approval or distinction to the beings who committed sexual activities in order to procreate the individual that is yourself.

6. You shall not partake in the activity which involves using violence, or other methods, in which forcefully removes the life of another individual.

7. You shall not partake in acts of sexual activities, or pointing your optical receptacles that reside in your skull, at a member of the opposite gender, in a way that is corrupted and debauched, to whom you have not signed a declaration of the union of two people.

8. You shall not partake in acts which remove items which are possessions of a person, while lacking the consent, or authorization, out of their possession.

9. You shall not partake in acts of providing false or misleading information against the person in whom resides in the property or properties which are adjacent to your property.

10. You shall not feel desire to possess an object in which an individual possesses that you do not possess, with feelings of resentfulness and spite.


  1. even as a christian, this is great. I especially love #7.

  2. I don't get it. I'm trying. I just woke up. Maybe that's the problem.

  3. That's why I included a link to a description of the Verbose meme.

  4. simon i had a brain storm after i heard that cyh will not do the coop of portal 2 so i thoght how about you and curtis do it what do you think?

    also i heard that there was a earthquake in newzeland the other day are you ok?

  5. @anon: That would be awesome, but we both would probably want to upgrade our hardware first.
    The earthquake happened in Christchurch, and I live in Wellington, so I am fine, so long as I'm not being pelted by pea sized hailstones!

  6. @Simon: You're lucky you don't live in Canterbury, or else you might get hurt.

    I got a question to ask: What is your other favorite internet memes besides the "X, X everywhere" meme, Soviet Russia jokes and verbose memes?

  7. My favourite meme of all time would probably have to be IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR!!!!! But it's also one of the memes that is rarely done well, especially in video form.

  8. Yeah. But my favorite meme of all time would be "THIS IS SPARTA!" I just love the epic scene when he shouts "THIS IS SPARTA!" and the Sparta remix. My 2nd favorite would be LOLcats and my 3rd favorite would be "Over 9000!"

  9. I hereby declare that all utterances should henceforth adhere to the meme in which initially simple statements are rendered infinitely more complicated for no ostensibly adequate purpose, other than the amusement of the masses. In accordance with the prophecy.

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