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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mining and Crafting

A couple of days ago, I got Minecraft, and I am addicted. It's immense amounts of fun for what it is. The retro graphics of it are quite funky as well.
And now I shall give you a gallery of what I've done so far.

A shot from the outside of my home. What started off as a simple hole dug into the ground to protect me from scary things from the outside quickly turned into a proper home.

Inside one of the rooms, overlooking the world.

The outside of my greenhouse, growing wheat.

Inside the greenhouse.

A night shot of the greenhouse, viewing from inside my home.

A tower I constructed.

The door to the tower.

And the front door of my home.

Do any of you lot play Minecraft? What have you created? Post screenshots! I'm quite interested to see.


  1. So you are going to do Simion's mind using minecraft.:P

  2. You play Minecraft too? It seems to be spreading like wildfire recently. I can understand why though, it's so much fun...

  3. I love Minecraft! It is AWESOME!!!! have you been to the nether yet? If you dunno what the hell I'm talking about then look it up!

  4. My god I want this so bad! But I don't have credit/debit card for paypal D:. Need to borrow one from someone.

  5. I don't know what Minecraft is, and I've been seeing it spammed all over /v/, so I'm going to hate it.


  6. I don't really want to get Minecraft, but that does look pretty sick. It's like a less violent Gmod.
    If you love things where you build worlds, though, I would definitely give LittleBigPlanet a go. It's still one of my favorite games

  7. You have a gold sword..... *Insert humourous fail comment here*

    I'd be addicted myself. But there was a large flood in my mine. It destroyed torches and now I have to leave it abandoned due to a monster infestation. It's a pretty creepy place actually.

  8. I'm playing it for the first time as we speak... type... whatever. I will let you know what wonders I behold/create/fuck up beyond recognition!

  9. Hey, Simon, so I'm the "no-excessive-swearing guy", and I just wanna say, I'm sorry for all the bothering and spamming few months now, and now I feel like I'm lost to you. So, just something to say to you, just keep on making videos no matter how many swears are there in your videos. Even if it has so many "F" words, I would still be okay and not gonna bother you with the same old word, as long as they're entertaining, I would still be watching it.

  10. @Corky



    I... Wow... You go to... 4chan. I... um... wow. Also, yes, it looks and sounds retarded, but when you actually play it, it's friggin' epic. Or not. Well, the majority of people like it , so whatever.

  11. Oh god, more minecraft junkies! :P I refuse to get addicted.

  12. You cannot resist! One day, you too will be minecrafted!

  13. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

    Anyway :P
    Psymon you should go check out X's adventures in minecraft! Its hilarious and has a good amount of episodes. His name on youtube is davidr64yt and he does Half Life walktroughs too. (I haven't watched those though)


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