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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updates on updatables.

So updates are necessary, or I am bored.
Either way, so the past couple of weeks have been rather eventful, but I wont go into detail, just a lot of shit I've had to take in within such a short time.
So I've completely finished my course, which is awesome, it means I have an extra day to relax and drink coffee. But also that means I need to start finding a job, which for a graduate, is harder than going to Chernobyl and not getting radiation poisoning. But I've got my resume up to date which is nice, so I'm going to start hunting like crazy, and hopefully land a job with way better pay than my current job. Woo!
And more money = better computer which means I can continue other projects I have in mind which my current system is too shitty to handle. My desktop is decaying to the point where I worry about how much longer it has left to live, but however I shall continue to preserve it until I can afford to have it die. But yeah.
Moving on to other updates.

Parker's Mind:
Still waiting for voice work, and I need to play around in Sins of a Solar Empire to see how I can use it to fill a couple of scenes, but I've pretty much got down what I want to happen for the first episode, and the fact that YouTube has increased the time limit to 15 minutes makes everything better. So that'll be done sometime before this year is over.

Despite a long period with no updates, I'm going to keep doing this, because it's really fun and something different for me to do. Though if anyone knows of any really good posing mods for Fallout 3 (preferably not overly sexual ones) then let me know. I'm just trying to think of where to go from the last page. I'll try and get some more out in the next week. And no, I won't be switching to Fallout New Vegas for it, though I am going to obtain it ASAP because it looks frackin' awesome and I really want to play it.

Out of Our Minds:
I still haven't edited episode 11. But it's coming.

Dave, The Crazy Scientist:
I think I'll continue with doing it in Garry's Mod but I will find a way to incorporate dialogue sneakily without using bobbling heads and without having to use Source SDK Faceposer. I want to put out another episode sometime soon, as it is long over due. Does anyone know of any GMOD addons that I can use for dialogue? It doesn't need lip synching, just some way of looking like they're talking.

Psymonic Disasterpiece:
Give me four cans of Red Bull or a ridiculously strong coffee and some time alone with Garry's Mod and I'll produce another one of these.

And holy crap, GMAN squad was hilarious. I just watched it and I was laughing the whole way through. I particularly liked the line from Clyde which said "and I don't know what her name is, back in my day, women didn't have names!" Watch it if you haven't already.
I'm also going to start watching Dexter. Cyh and Ian will be pleased to hear that haha.
But for now, I must go, my friend needs assistance with a few things.
Peace out!


  1. GMan squad was pretty awesome. I prefer the first three episodes though, before they started scripting it.

    You're welcome

  3. Yep, Gman Squad is a very funny and awesome series. The creator of the series is Janus Syndicate, a clan that has made several great machinimas like "A Team Fortress 2 Western", the "Source Wars" series, Soldier's of Misfortune and other stuffs. You should check out their other machinimas. Their most recent ones are "Unfriendly Fire".

    I have read in the JS clan website that they have begun production for the next episode of the Gman Squad. Woot! After a year and a half, they finally get to work on Gman Squad Episode 8!

    Also, Dexter is a great show from what I heard from people. My brother started watching the show a few weeks ago and he said that it was good.

  4. oh god, I love crackbone, that guy is my hero

  5. Just letting you know right now, Fallout New Vegas is an awesome game, but it is buggy as fuck, I have never seen a buggier game EVER. For your own sake, if you get the PC version especially, bookmark the Fallout Wiki site, which lists all the bugs associated with certain missions, characters, etc. You WILL NEED this site at some point, whether for a serious bug or a minor one. Unless, of course, Bethesda decides to be nice and patch their shit up. I doubt it. Also, be sure to use multiple save slots FREQUENTLY, as random shit WILL HAPPEN. On a lighter note, enjoy the game.


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