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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Out of Our Minds Reaches the Tenth Episode!

Rejoyce for the tenth episode of Out of Our Minds is screening at a Youtube near you!
Featuring the usual, Jared and I, with special guests Ian Riley, CyhAnide and Joe Palmer. Thank you guys for appearing on the show, it was good to have you, and thank you Jared for running the show with me, and thank you Curtis because you've featured and shall feature again. Oh, and thankyou to all Youtubers who make bad videos, this show wouldn't be possible without them!

And updates on Parker's Mind? None, I'm still waiting for vocal talents from Mr. Vicente, or Jared if Vicente is not available. But I have the jist of the pilot episode written so yeah, it'll come when it comes.



  1. Hey, I've got something to ask. I already know that you were in the group for long now but I wanna know, since when did you join the group? Ever since Cyh announced the Q&A with all the Masterminds, I found out you were part of the group. And that's what made me wanna watch Parker's Mind. So, that's what I'm asking right now: Since when did you join the group? Just asking.

  2. I was basically there from when the term "Mastermind" was coined up. It all really started when I first started talking to Cyh, and then I found Robin's Skype and had a wee chat to him too. And then I met Curtis when he did his April Fool's prank, because Cyh needed me to help convince him to continue with it. Basically we were all in it from the start, 'cept for Jared, who joined recently.

  3. Yay, that's me, I remember following you guys ever since I found out about "Barney's Mind" back when I was planning "Barney's Shenanigans" which was going to be like "The trials of Gordon Freeman." Yet, here I am doing a Freeman's Mind. I am still amazed by what all of ya'll have done, and now I get to be apart of it >:D


    For out of our minds.

  5. Just to let ya'll know, I have a Playlist for possible OOM videos on my channel, here it is.


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