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Friday, March 5, 2010

Parkers Mind: Episode 9 - Flight of the Gryphon

I know, I know, I took my ruddy time! Hey! I'm still faster than Ross Scott... I think... Anyway, yes the episode is now out! Teh w00tage!
I'm very very happy with how this turned out. As advertised it is a two part episode. I couldn't cram everything into under 10 minutes. Big thanks to Krimsin for doing Gryphon's lines. Also thanks to a guy named Manuel who is doing voices for the giant scary robot for the next episode. I owe both those guys beer. I wonder if it's possible to email beer... ANYWAY, I hope you all enjoy!
Now that the episode is uploaded, I am going to sleep. Bid you all farewell until morning.



  1. For the record, I prefer "Vicente".

    Thanks for the shout out. :)



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