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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Douchetard, and an update on progress.

It took six months, but finally someone got butthurt over me being non-religious, this being sparked from the little Jesus bit in episode 3. I am surprised it took this long... Here's the excerpt:

Him: I read your comment and your an athiest.

I lost most of my respect for you.

I no longer wish to be friends with you

Me: Off you go then. I have no desire to deal with people like you who can't accept people for who they are and what they believe... Off with you now, I have no respect for people like you, and never will.

Him: One last question?

Are we being rudely respectful because I can't tell.

Kind of confusnig in both our comments.

Me: Well I'm actually just going to be blunt now... If you can't handle me being an Atheist... Bugger off.

And that was the last I heard from him. What a douche.

SO ANYWAY. I also have updates.
I have footage for episode 11, and a few lines done. Miraculous that I have started so soon after the release of episode 10, but I feel the need. So it'll be done... When it's done. I'm not going to make any promises yet.

So how are you people?


  1. I nearly got run over by an SUV today...while still in my car. They seem to think that I'm small enough to just drive over into my lane.

    Honking doesn't work, So I just gun the engine and blast around them--hopefully scaring them out of their wits.

    Douchetard....I'm gonna start applying that term to the SUV/enormous truck drivers in my state...they have it in for me, I swear...

    I also somehow convinced a biker to pop a wheelie. It was BADASS. He was a ginger, which for some reason is the most important aspect of the whole ordeal. Maybe gingers really ARE vampires? Which has nothing to do with Hayabusas, but maybe....?

    I'm gonna go sleep before I become even more deranged. ~_~ ...zZ

  2. wait, was this an internet friend or a real friend, cause if it's an internet friend, you can tell people he's a pedophile

    I personally am religious, but I have no problem with athiests, as long as they don't start talking about what douchebags we are, but then I just hate them because they're dicks

  3. @gaarathedancingpanda (awesome name)
    I agree, I'm an atheist, and I hate anyone if they're dicks.

  4. @Gaarathedancingpanda: Nah, he was just a subscriber.

  5. Well... Dick move by a failure.

    As long as you didn't know them in the real world.

    But anyways... Nice job on the latest episode (Probably should've commented that on the video page... but oh well.)

  6. In the real world, I find that a swift kick to the face is rather effective in dissuading douchetards....or hair-pulling, if it's a chick.

    "Suum cuique." -- "To each their own."

    (It's okay to hit a girl if she's an evil bitch. Even other chicks agree.)

  7. If I could punch people in the face over the internet, it'd make life so much easier

  8. @Patrick: You mean "C'est la vie" don't you?

  9. Yes, yes I do. I used to know that, but I put it in Google Translator.


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