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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Parker's Mind and vacation

So I've been on vacation for a week now. Been having the time of my life. Plenty of beaches and sunburn to show for it.
As for Parker's Mind, I haven't forgotten, and auditions will be going until I return home and start the episode. But right now my main focus is rejuvenating from 3 or so years with no holiday at all. It feels bloody awesome! When I return, my refreshed mind will probably allow me to focus better on Parker's Mind. The next episode is coming!
That is all for now. Hope you're all having a good summer/winter depending on where you are. Farewell.

EDIT: This will most likely be a two part episode


  1. Ohhh, yeah. You're in the southern hemisphere...this is almost surreal... O_O;

    Can't wait 'til you return all refreshed and awesome with a new episode! XD

    (Hope someone brilliant gets to be Gryphon!)

  2. I can't wait to see who won either. Not sure how it'll end though...

    Keep the good work goin Psymon!

  3. Sunburn is easy to take care of. Try a cosmetic product called Regen. It will stop the pain immediately and will prevent your skin from blistering and peeling. It is all natural too, will not even sting the eyes. Look at this:

  4. Chur for that advice, though I found that ripping open aloe vera leaves and rubbing the gel on the burn helped rather well too


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