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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crack open a cold one...

...because it is officially:

One year of Parker's Mind

Parker's Mind has officially been running for one year today! The first episode was rendered and released on YouTube on the 25th of August 2009. One year and 20 episodes later, Parker's Mind's first season is coming to a close, with the next episode being the final.
And once the episode is done, I shall begin writing the pilot episode for season two and get that up and running.
But for now, let us celebrate!

Also, be sure to check out Nuketopia, my Fallout 3 web comic if you haven't already. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.


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    Okay, enough history crap. Happy 1 year for Parker's Mind! I think we can celebrate it by watching Phineas and Ferb. That show was awesome!


    Um, I'm a bit weird.


    Alright, I take all back. YOUR SHOW IS GOOD AND HAPPY 1 YEAR!

    Hmm, more history from me.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt was...

    Smosh: SHUT UP!


    Okay, that was so random. How can I make this up?


    Oh, I know. Anonymous guy is out, peace!


    Okay, maybe I should just give a simple comment:


    (That's what I said earlier)

  2. Congrats, Mr. James. Impressive work you have done over the past 12 months of Parker's Mind. Keep up the good work. And, if you're celebrating, don't get "too" drunk. :P

  3. I predict that after the party, Hendrix will be shot by that whore named Masako.

    Also @ Anon: That was very unneeded.

  4. Happy birthday, Parker's Mind.

    And no, it's not too late. There are still 20 minutes left in this time zone! :-P

  5. Oh wait. I take that back. Aug. 25 is just starting here. So in fact there are still 24 hours left here.

    Sorry, confused by weird sleep schedules. :-D

  6. Was the cold one a Homestar runner joke?

  7. Nah, "Crack open a cold one" is New Zealand slang for open up a beer.

  8. @Lord Psymon: I've heard that over here in the US as well.

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! Yay! :-)


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