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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dave, The Crazy Scientist... Using the Sims 3?

While looking around Youtube, I suddenly realized I have an untapped wealth of machinima potential using The Sims 3 as a base for animating it.
So I went along, had a little play around, and tried to recreate some of the characters using it. Here's what I got.
Click the images to see them larger.



Barry's henchman: Patsy

And I have created a couple of other characters that could be useful, but I won't screenshot them yet. But anywho, I am half way with Barry's Secret lab. Though I will probably have to download some more objects for it, and I haven't yet built Dave a house, but I will get there soon. And tomorrow I will have a play around to see how I can animate certain things.

Now my question to you guys is, has anyone of you attempted a machinima using a Sims game? If so, how was it? Keen to share? I am quite curious.


  1. Ya, Sims 3 is really good for Machinima. Rooster Teeth did one a while back. Look at their site and look up "The Strangerhood." It's really quite funny.

  2. Hah, I just started watching The Strangerhood. It's brilliant. It also makes my idea seem more achievable. I'll do some experimentation tomorrow, and actually build Dave's house.

  3. While Sims 3 is good for quality machinima, it is kind of sad that you're moving away from Gmod. Not to mention you can do pretty much anything in Gmod, I'm not sure what limitations Sims 3 has. It seems to me that the comedic element that is always around when Gmod is used will disappear now that you are using Sims 3 instead. Or maybe I'm just being biased, I don't really know.

  4. The problem with Garry's Mod is that I am trying to make a show that has a lot of dialogue, and I find that Garry's Mod is quite limiting when it comes to that. The head bobbling effect works for things like Psymonic Disasterpiece, but not really for things like this.

  5. BTW, Barry looks really friggin' weird. The hair seems a little off, and the expression on his face seems to "sympathetic." Isn't he supposed to be a snobby dick? In fact, I would expect the expression on Patsy's face to be on Barry's face instead.

  6. He looks like a twat, but initially his facial expression was snobby, until I tried to take that screenshot, in which he decided to pull that expression.

  7. Har har, Barry's so snobby that he won't let you take a screenshot of him looking snobby.

    As for your move to the Sims 3, I'm of a neutral opinion, since I've never even played the game to know just what limitations it has.

  8. Haha, Dave looks so pissed all the time and that's wonderful.

  9. Is it just me or does Dave look like a mix between Dr. Kleiner and Dr. Breen?


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