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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Russian Reversal

I love this meme!

In America, you crash computer.
In Soviet Russia, computer crash you!

In America, you catch Pokémon.
In Soviet Russia, Pokémon catch you!

In America, you eat breakfast.
In Soviet Russia, breakfast eat you!

In America, you climb ladder.
In Soviet Russia, ladder climb you!

In America, you troll 4Chan.
In Soviet Russia, 4Chan troll you!

Now you lot come up with some!


  1. In the United States, you poop on toilets.
    In Soviet Russia, toilet poops on you!

    In the U.S, you walk down stairs.
    In Soviet Russia, stairs walk you down!

    In the U.S, Foley orders Ramirez.
    In Soviet Russia, Ramirez orders Foley!

    Speaking of Ramirez, do you know the Ramirez meme? It was originated from MW2, where Foley orders Ramirez to do almost everything. Check out the full background of the meme here. I'm sure that you will like it:

  2. In America, you learn about the government.
    In Soviet Russia, the government learns about you!

  3. Soviet Russia jokes ARE NOT FUNNY!!

  4. In America, you get rick roll'ed
    In Russia, you get Roll rick'ed

  5. in soviet russia shit takes you

  6. In America, headcrab controls you
    In Soviet Russia, You control Headcrab!

    In America, you do the dew
    In soviet Russia, Dew do you!

    In America, you use the handheld aperture portal device.
    In Soviet Russia, handheld aperture portal device uses you!

    or, wait, is it the other way around!?

  7. In America, you hold cup
    In soviet Russia, Cup hold you

    In Canada, Curtis get angry
    In soviet russia, anger get Curtis

    In america, Internet full of N00Bs
    in soviet russia...Internet still full of N00Bs


  9. In America, you make funny Soviet Russia joke.
    In Soviet Russia, funny Soviet Russia joke make you!

  10. The Corporate Ninja said...

    In America, You denounce Religion.
    In Soviet Russia, Religion denounce You!

    In America, You own newbs
    In S0v13t Ru551a, N00bz pwn J00!

    In America, You write story.
    In Soviet Russia, Story writes You!

  11. In america you follow rules 1and 2
    in soviet russia rules 1 and 2 follow you

  12. @Ronald7749: I like the Dew one the best. XD

    @Gaara: Okay, that last one was GENIUS.

    You're just on a meme spree, aren't you?

  13. In Soviet Russia, ass kicks you!

  14. IN Australia you play nintendo 64 In soviet russia Nintendo 64 play YOU!

  15. In Soviet Russia, Justin Bieber is a MAN!

  16. In American Yu-Gi-Oh!, you shuffle your deck.
    In Soviet Russia, Your Deck shuffles YOU!


In America, you leave comment.
In Soviet Russia, comment leave you!