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Monday, May 17, 2010


I fucking teabagged him!
I just watched Gamer, with tea and biscuits. That was going on EXTREME Britishness!
Seriously though, it was a pretty damn cool movie. Makes me REALLY want to go play Unreal Tournament, which I think I will do now.
What interesting/awesome/shit movies have you all seen recently?


  1. I might review Gamer soon on my blog
    ( - I didn't watch it yet, but I think it may be a kick-ass.

  2. I saw that too! KICK-ASS!! Vilont as all hell, BUT KICK-ASS!!!
    I might go see that movie too.

  3. Kick-Ass. Seriously--badass movie with a badass little girl. I feel like a bad person for enjoying it that much, though.

    Gamer was also badass. *nod* Y'know that crazy dude who started the whole thing? That was Micheal C. Hall, or Dexter, the serial killer from the Showtime series. ~,~ He's so cool....

  4. Hah! I thought he looked familiar!


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