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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Parker's Mind: Episode 1 - 1920s Edition

I decided to do a remake of Episode One in the style of a 1920s silent film. Yeah, I was pretty bored, but it was a lot of fun to make.
I tried to keep everything as consistent to the real episode one as I could, but I have lost the original footage so I had to rerecord it so some parts are different to the original.

The reason I made this? I don't actually know. Parker's Mind, to me, is one big experiment. Every episode, I like to see what new things I can play with. I'm always thinking of new ideas that I can integrate into this series, and perhaps use in the future. After almost a year of working on this series, I think I've strayed away from my original influence. my influence is coming from all over the place. I think a lot. When I am at work, I'm always thinking about something. Often I am thinking of things I can do video wise. The inspiration is more me seeing how I can make this series my own, and I think I have succeeded in developing this series into something that is fresh. This video is just another result of my experimentation, and I am happy with the results, and I hope you all are too. I've watched back on my episodes, and it's quite cool seeing how it's developed from something n00bish to what it is now.

EDIT: FUCKING WMG! I'm going to have to figure out which song is supposedly owned by them, and then reupload
EDIT2: Supposedly, the songs that I have used are all public domain... WTF WMG? Go disrupt some corporate fat guy in a suit and leave us hobbyists alone you fucking arseholes!!! I am not making a cent on this, so what's the big fucking deal??
EDIT3: I think I can avoid this, I've decided to use audio from youtubers playing the songs I used, instead of the ones I downloaded earlier. Hopefully the change of recording will avoid the content matching system. Thanks for the advice, Mr. Dawson! Your wisdom has once again, helped a mastermind! I did not realize that one could claim possession of a recording of a song from the public domain.
EDIT4: I have reuploaded once again, this time, no matching content, so things are good now! Kinda gutted though, cos it had hit 350 views and someone left a really awesome comment. Oh well. Enjoy!


  1. Hmm. IANAL, but be aware that while most or all of those pieces are probably out of copyright, many *recordings* are under copyright. I think as long as you use recordings that are PD or licensed in an appropriately open way, you're fine.

  2. I gave up with song changing, and filed a dispute. The audio hasn't been muted it seems, so we'll see what happens.

  3. It was... original. Good job for filling in a dispute, it may unlock audio for months or even years - those bureaucratic assholes won't even notice a year has passed, until they get their tax bills.

  4. My YouTube die in a fiery hellhole. Why not upload to that other site of yours, and post the link here? Those guys are so much cooler.

  5. That was awesome! I can't believe people used to watch movies like that, though. O_O; I'm sure it caused seizures for some.

    Also, I'm free from school now, so we can do the Q&A thing. How does next week sound?

  6. I just watched your 11 released episodes of Parker's Mind(it was my first time watching them), and I gotta say, Parker's Mind is one of those Mind series that doesn't totally suck like those hundreds of Mind series on Youtube that sucks. The series is pretty well done and in my opinion, it is one of the best Mind series out there.

    I'll be looking forward for more episodes of Parker's Mind.


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