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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Myself next to Parker

Well since Ross Scott has a picture of him next to Gordon Freeman, and Cyh has one of her next to Chell, I thought I'd do one of me next to Parker, just to see how much I resemble him.


  1. There's another vague resemblance. If you've seen a picture of Ian Riley, I think he also looks a bit like Barney. Not as much as Ross looks like Freeman, though.

  2. How ironic, Ross=Freeman, Cyh=Chell, Psymon=Parker. Hmmmmmmmm?

  3. Everything is a conspiracy.

    Y'know that title screen I use? It looks so much like my profile that it freaks me out a little...

  4. Everybody is starting to look like the characters that they voice. This is starting to get scary.

  5. hey simon what verson of red facton are you useing the ps2 verson or pc verson?

  6. simon today i just got red facton and black (red and black lol) which one do you think is better?
    both clame to be destructable


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